Dear PRO, welcom 🤝

First things first - we are not a regulaer wedding index you all know...
Let us show you what we do around here

Real Pricing in real time

Cheerz system will learn your pricing method and considurations (Hours, Peak, Add-ons, Travel expenses etc.)

That way you can focus on the current clients and not waste your precious time taking poor calls. We will direct the clients to you after they understand you service value and expertise

Poor Leads out - Quality Leads in

Smart matching 

First, we learn our couples.
Once we know what they want and need f or the event (and event if they don't know it all)  we do smart matching with the best vendors to coplete there needs.

The contacts you will get is the best leads around. They are ready to secure your service for there event

Couples insights to close the deal

There is a lot of data out there and we let you use it to close the deal.
In the time a couple is calling you, we managed to collect a pricless data over his preferences, competitors pricing and other intersting things.

We share with you the best insight that will help you understand the couple over the phone and use those Golden Tips in your favour

We don't ask for your credit card, try it for FREE

Our value for you

Tired of getting phone calls asking for pricing and never come back?

Teach our system your pricing method and we will present it to the couples during there search. 
That way you will get a phone call from a couple who is ready to discuss further details

Don't know how to advertise?

No worries! 
Cheerz was built and designed to generate you new clients without the need for advertising expertise.
Just teach our system your pricing method and we will do the rest

Tired of poor leads?

Present the couples your pricing during search increase lead quality and put them just in the right spot in the funnel

You can deliever any kind of service - our innovation will work for you



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